About Ann

Artist Statement: My mission is to assist in awakening our sacred memories to help one recognize their own beauty within. Through the medium of oil on canvas, colorful artworks are produced which are inspired by 35 years working in the ‘healing arts’ -chiropractic, craniosacral, colorlight therapy, reiki, angel therapy and qigong. Now as a visual artist, what I attempt to create with each brushstroke is an expression of beauty, mystery and healing all within a story. The archetypal characters which I create are accessed through meditation and self hypnosis. In a semi-trance state, images are visualized and a story begins to unfold. Archetypes represent universal patterns, primal symbols, and images that are part of the collective unconsciousness. We find archetypes in myths, fairytales, events and character types that are remarkedly recurrent throughout human experience. Bringing this recognition to the conscious mind, we are reminded of how interconnected all human beings are. This allows the viewer to connect with certain aspects of the images. I aspire to paint messages, narratives to help the viewer transcend the feelings of separation, isolation and fear and transmute these feelings into connection, hope and joy.

BIO: Ann grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts USA and as a child attended art classes at the Springfield Museum. She loved to draw and paint nature and was also influenced by an infatuation with the dreamy magic of faery tales. Ann attended Massachusetts College of Art, Boston and then changed direction. She began to study the ‘Healing Arts’ – chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, colorlight therapy, qigong healing, reiki, IET, polarity healing. Travel being another great interest, this profession allowed her to live and work in several countries and gain knowledge of other cultures. In 2000, Ann moved to Ireland and lives in the village of her maternal grandparents. She returned to painting several years ago. Her work is born of a passion for creating beauty and channelling creative ideas from the 35 years of working with energy healing. Her palette is greatly influenced by the nature surrounding her in West Kerry. There is a dreamy, mystical quality to the light in rural Ireland. And it is a land of storytelling. After years of not producing art, living in Kerry awakened her desire to create again. The mountains out the front door, the birds in the back garden and the ever changing light throughout the day. Inspiring!

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.

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